Sourcing the Best from this Earth.

From sea to land, we work tirelessly to find and refine the raw elements of nature, so that our customers are guaranteed a product they can trust for themselves and their families.

Infant Formula to Help Support Your Baby's Development.

Helping your baby build strong foundations for the future. Our Infant formula contains Eco-Probiotics, Probiotics and Prebiotics, our unique blend of ingredients, alongside vitamins A, C and D for normal bone development and iron for normal cognitive development.


Pregnancy Formula to Help Support Your Baby‘s Future Progress.

Containing Probiotics and Prebiotics, the formula range provides key nutrients recommended from preconception into pregnancy and through to breastfeeding.


We Share with
You Our Best.

DHA to Help Support Your Baby’s Brain.

Prenatal DHA is the ideal supplement before, during, and after pregnancy. Whilst enhancing the quality of breast milk, it also supports the mother’s immune system and guarantees the essentials for your baby’s development.

Baby DHA helps support your baby’s brain and eye development and is an important part of the baby’s daily routine. Added vitamins supports your baby’s skin, bone and teeth development and all overall health.


We are technology
driven by heart

Purefine Nature DHA algae oil uses physical supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology to produce a higher purity DHA than traditional molecular distillation. This means fewer impurities and easy absorption for baby and mother.

Probiotics to Boost You and Your Baby's Immune System.

Supporting baby and mother’s natural defense systems is important to promoting their overall heath as well as helping to alleviate occasional digestive distress. Purefine Nature probiotics support baby and mum’s health by fostering the proper balance between good bacteria and the bad bacteria that resides in the gastrointestinal tract.


A Steady Supply to Support Healthy Growth.

Purefine Nature Baby Calcium is made from cow milk with pollutants-free, no fillers and artificial ingredients.

We have added natural Vitamin D3 to promote calcium absorption and additionally Soya Lecithin extracted from soy beans to promote cell development and growth.